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  • Rewards Program: Pogo Perks Benefits

    Rewards Program: Pogo Perks Benefits

    At Pogo, we are super proud of our Pogo Perks reward program and what it does for our customers. Pogo Perks takes customer rewards to the next level by giving customers multiple ways to play and win daily, weekly, and monthly. How do you get Pogo Perks? It’s easy! You are automatically enrolled in our…

  • Tax Credits for Energy Efficiency

    Tax Credits for Energy Efficiency

    It’s tax season – yay! (said no one ever) But, since it’s here we compiled a list of a few incentives available to help you save some money. Tax incentives encourage individuals and businesses to adopt energy-efficient practices and emerging technologies. Here are some common types of tax incentives that may be available.  Federal Tax…

  • Prepaid Electric vs Postpaid Electric Plans

    Prepaid Electric vs Postpaid Electric Plans

    Are you shopping around for an electric company and not sure if you should go with a prepaid electric plan or a postpaid electric plan? Have you been asking questions like, “Which has better electricity?” or “What service is more dependable?” or “What electric plan will be the most affordable?” The bad news is, the…

  • How to shop for an electric service provider

    How to shop for an electric service provider

    Choosing an electric service provider can be an overwhelming and daunting task. It would be nice if you looked at the cost per kilowatt to determine what you will be paying for your electricity. Unfortunately, there are some other charges that you need to consider seeing a complete look at what you will be paying.…

  • How to Conserve Energy At Home

    How to Conserve Energy At Home

    Conserving energy at home is not only beneficial for reducing your utility bills but also for reducing your carbon footprint and helping the environment. We have covered tips to help you save on your electric bill, such as turning off the lights when you leave a room and only running the washer and dryer when…

  • Houston: Green Initiative for Sustainability

    Houston: Green Initiative for Sustainability

    When you think about Houston, you probably think about one thing: traffic. But, did you know that Houston is taking strides in becoming eco-friendly? As the fourth largest city in the US, Houston is creating a model for other urban areas that want to adopt more green initiatives. Going Green all starts with renewable energy.…

  • Dallas Goes Green

    Dallas Goes Green

    Clean energy production is crucial as the world makes changes to reverse some of the damage burning fossil fuels have done to our environment. You might think of Dallas as big hats, big oil. But DFW might surprise you with how it’s making strides to adopt eco-friendly practices. Dallas’ critical role in clean energy production…

  • College Student’s Moving Checklist

    College Student’s Moving Checklist

    Congratulations! You did it. You finished high school, got into college, and are preparing to move into a new place away from your mom and dad. (At least until you run out of clean laundry or need to steal some snacks from their pantry). We realize you have a lot on your plate finding a…

  • Summer Electricity Usage

    Summer Electricity Usage

    Understanding your energy usage and why you pay more during the summer is an age old question that Texans ponder year after year. There are several reasons why you might use more electricity during the summer months. Common factors that increase electricity consumption: FUN FACT The type of TV you have as well as the…

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